A Crazy Little Thing Called Companach

Jaipur India

Well, we’ve made it to this point. I am making a blog. I’ve always shied away from it. My friends have asked over the years if I would write about my travels and I’ve always felt that was too personal to commit to the internet. I’ve resisted writing about my travels anywhere except in my journal, which is for my eyes only (unless I get a movie/book deal for it, then it’s all yours).

Until now. Because, I don’t plan to write about my travels.

Driving the ferry in Budapest. My Airbnb host was good friends with the guy who actually has this job, and he let me take the wheel for a bit.

Rather, I’d like to discuss the other part of traveling that is dear to my heart. Making travel plans. Choosing destinations. Booking my Airbnbs. When friends say

“Hey, I’ve never been to Europe. I think I want to go with my boyfriend in June, what can I see in 2 weeks?”

I melt.

“Let me make an itinerary for you.”

I will literally drop everything and spend a day creating what I hope is the most fantastic vacation for you. It happens all the time. My mom calls and asks what I’ve been up to.

“Oh, you know, the usual. <Insert work woes and complaints about current events.> And I’ve been planning a trip to Greece for my friend Alex.”

“But you’ve never been to Greece.”

“Yea, I know.”

It doesn’t matter that I’ve never been. I know enough about travel, and about my friends, to know how to book their trips. How many days in a big city vs. a small island village. Is it worth it to visit 5 countries in 7 days? The answer is No. Never. I know you don’t get to go to Europe often and want to see as much as possible. But No. You’ll be so tired, just trust me.

Spending a day touring through Cappadocia, Turkey.

I’m in countless Facebook groups for travel where I see a lot of the same questions. And while it was fun to tell you my favorite places to eat in Paris, I can only answer that question so many times. So I’ve stopped leaving comments in those groups.

I’m in countless Facebook groups for women’s travel where I see the same questions asked repeatedly. After a while, I stopped answering many of them since they’d been answered dozens of times before. 

But I want to answer these questions, in a way. I want to help you plan your next trip. How do you decide where to go in the first place? How much should you plan in advance? What is the best length of time at each stop on your trip? Everyone has an opinion based on their experiences, so there’s no definitive answer. Your trip is about your own tastes and expectations.

I’m not going to list the top five things to see in Amsterdam or the best beach in Bali. I’m going to show you how to confidently plan so that you can decide if you even WANT to visit the beach in Bali (you probably do). So let’s get started, so you can get going on your next great adventure!

Houseboat life! Rented a houseboat in the Netherlands for a week during tulip season.