Belgium: Country Spotlight

Ghent, Beligum

Once a month, I write a post highlighting a particular country. My choice for this month reflects my excitement for the upcoming holidays. Belgium has a wonderful Christmas market scene, as well as just being a beautiful county all-around.

Part of modern-day travel planning is reading blog posts about your destination. I’ve done the dirty work for you, looking through twenty pages of Google results and reading a lot about Belgium. Let’s get an itinerary put together, figure out what to pack, and hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Itineraries and Guides

Take a look at these blog posts to get ideas for the perfect itinerary.

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges and Ghent are a photographer’s paradise!


Read about the experiences these bloggers had traveling through Belgium. They are sure to get you excited, and hopefully help you build your own trip!

Christmas Markets in Brussels, Belgium
The squares were well-lit for the Christmas markets in Brussels.

Practical Advice

Packing lists, average cost, and what these travelers wish they’d known before they went.

Ghent, Belgium
The canals are lined with beautiful old buildings in Ghent and Bruges.

The Ugly

Travel isn’t always sunshine and Instagram-worthy photo ops. But apparently it is in Belgium (well, minus the sunshine)! I could not find a single article outlining particularly bad experiences or the dangers of visiting Belgium as a solo woman. If you have one, let me know!

Ghent, Belgium
Sunset over the setup of the Christmas markets in Ghent.

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