What to Consider When Choosing a Destination

Duffus Castle - Scotland - Highlands

So, you’re ready to plan your next trip. But where to go? Sometimes the answer is easy, because it’s been at the top of your list for ages. But it can also be overwhelming if you want to go, well, everywhere! There are a few key things I consider when I’m choosing my next destination:

What is your motive?

 What do you expect to get out of the trip? This is probably the most important question to ask yourself. If you’re hoping to relax and recharge, going to a bustling city is probably not the right destination. Instead, you might consider a lake house retreat in the mountains, or a beach resort.

My most common motive is to be enriched by a destination’s culture and history. I like to go somewhere that I know will have historical buildings, museums, and traditional food. It generally must be a destination that I think will keep me busy for an entire month and has good public transportation. If you can imagine what you want your trip to look like, it can help narrow down your choices of where to go.

What kind of budget are you working with?

Consider the type of accommodation you would like to stay in, and then consider your budget. Where can you go that will allow you to stay in lodging that meets your needs? Some people are perfectly happy in a dorm-style hostel, and that makes more places attainable for them. I use Airbnb about 95% of the time, and the rest of the time I stay in hotels. To each their own, but once you know what you can afford to spend per night on accommodation, it makes it a lot easier to choose a destination.

Destination Topkapi Palace Istanbul Turkey
I’ll be staying in my palace, thanks. Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey

What’s the weather like?

Let’s go back to that beach resort idea. You might want to make sure you’re not traveling to, say, Jamaica, during the height of hurricane season. Usually you don’t have to consider weather THAT extreme, but it’s good to know what season you’ll be visiting and making sure the temperatures align with what you want to experience (and align with what clothes you pack). I usually just Google this information to get an idea of what to expect. “Weather in Edinburgh in January” is enough to get you the average high’s and low’s that month. You can also try “Best time of year to visit Edinburgh” if you’re sure of your destination but not exactly sure when it’s the prime time to go.

Destination Dubrovnik Croatia
A rare stormy day in Dubrovnik, Croatia

After thinking about the three ideas above, you should have a shortlist of destinations to choose from. If you’re still having trouble, take our quiz below! And let us know what other topics you like to keep in mind when planning your trips in the comments below!