Staycation: What To Do?


We all have our favorite haunts in the city we live in. That one restaurant you go to when you’re in the mood for Mexican, the bar down the street that has good happy hour deals. But are you really taking advantage of everything your city has to offer? Break out of the routine to find new favorites. That’s where a staycation really shines. 

A staycation is a vacation you take in your own city. A chance to wander your city as a tourist and potentially find new things to love about where you live. Check out a new restaurant that’s opened up, read what travel blogs suggest, wander through a new park. 

Be A Tourist At Home

Have you actually visited the tourist sites where you live? I’ve lived in Tampa, FL for about three years, and still have not been to the Yuengling brewery. A staycation is the perfect time to play tourist in your own town. 

Look up the top sites to see, check Yelp for restaurant reviews, everything you would normally do when visiting a new place. Take a walk through an historic part of town with your camera. 

Reading travel blogs about your city may help you see it afresh. You could be missing out on a great beer garden across town, or maybe you forgot about the art museum that you haven’t got around to visiting.

Photo by Steven Lewis on Unsplash

Splurge For A Day/Night

While not required, staying in a hotel could be a great way to get you in the mindset of a vacation. Being at home may distract you from your time off, reminding you of projects and cleaning that need done instead of taking this time for yourself.

Find a nice hotel in town, and spend a few nights there. Visit the spa, treat yo’ self. And if that’s not in the budget, maybe make reservations at a nice restaurant instead. You’re saving a ton by staying in town, so take a little of those savings and get a little more out of your staycation.


Do A Tasting Tour of the City

I’ve already mentioned restaurants a few times in the post. That’s because eating it one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling. If I’m going to be on a staycation, food is going to play a big part of that. I would probably get on Yelp and see what the city has to offer that I haven’t tried. I also suggest finding the local farmer’s markets, seeing if there is a way to support local business while also discovering new ways to shop locally. 

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Some Other Ideas…

Everyone’s home is different in terms of what activities are available. I mean, I have the Busch Gardens theme park less than ten minutes from my house, which is not a normal living situation. But there are still some activities that can be enjoyed no matter where you live.

Go to the movies. If one is available (and it’s not freezing outside), a drive-in or open air theatre could be fun!

Eat dessert every night. This is vacation, live a little! 

Take a day trip. Do you live within a few hours of an attraction you’ve wanted to visit? Now’s your chance!

Go to bed late. Sleep in. Enjoy this time to recharge.

Geocaching. I used to use this in Washington, D.C. and always learned something new about the history there. A very fun activity that you can do anywhere!

Catch a show. See what plays or performances are going on at your local theatre.

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

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