Traveling Solo for the Holidays

When you think of the holiday season, you probably imagine being surrounded by family and friends, cozy by a fire sipping hot cocoa (unless, like me, you’re from Florida, in which case swap out fire and cocoa with pool and ice tea). Big meals, carols on the radio, and sitting by a twinkling Christmas tree. Everything Hollywood has been selling us for years.

But many people are planning to travel alone for the holidays this year. Any why not? There’s a lot to see out there, and this is a great time to maximize your days off from work. I’ve got some tips for those of you that have made the leap into solo holiday travel. 

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Tis’ the Season for Christmas Markets

Brace yourselves, the holiday season is upon us. I recently visited the store to pick up a few things for Halloween, but I was too late. Christmas decor was already up, Halloween forgotten before it even started. All across Europe, people are starting to think of markets: the hot mulled wine, the expensive tree ornaments, the prune men. Here’s the lowdown on planning your perfect holiday tour of these magical markets.

Brace yourselves for the holiday season
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