Travel with Pets

How do you go on amazing vacations without feeling guilty for kenneling your beloved fur babies? Take them with you, of course! It may require a little more paperwork, but travel with pets is doable and not as dangerous as some news stories would have you believe.

I have two cats myself, and if I’m being honest, they are my biggest (aka only) barrier to full-time travel. I know they will never be my travel companions since my tuxedo cat Oliver meows incessantly on long drives. However, I am *hoping* to move my home base to the UK in the next few years, and I don’t plan to abandon them here.

This has opened my eyes to what is available. Cruises, planes, there are entire services available to comfortably relocate pets. While my move with them will be a one-time travel experience, my research has shown pets can adapt and even enjoy travel if made to feel comfortable. 

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