How to Slow Travel with Limited Time Off

Slow travel, the act of spending more time in one place, has become the only method for me. The ability to relax in a place, and move slowly, has really broadened the range of experiences that I have. But how is it possible to slow travel with limited time off? I am incredibly lucky to have built a life that includes working remotely, but for most, that is not an option.

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Visas and Vaccinations

Any time I leave the country, I check the visas or vaccinations required at my destination. It can sometimes be confusing to determine whether or not you are required to have either. Well, lucky you, I am both programmer and avid traveler! I have created an interactive map that you can use to figure out whether you need to get a visa or vaccination for your next trip.

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How To Get Off the Beaten Path

When you find yourself in a stifling crowd of people snapping photos of the (much smaller than expected) Mona Lisa, you may feel called to get off the beaten path. There is a reason many destinations draw hordes of people, but sometimes you just want to enjoy a new place and create your own adventure rather than follow a guidebook and get the exact same experience that countless others have had.

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New Year, New Travel Plans

The new year is here! And for me, that means making goals, including where I want to travel to in the upcoming year. I do not have an actual bucket list, but instead have certain destinations that I am currently interested in visiting. This shortlist definitely changes over time, as I either get the chance to visit destinations or my ‘travel personality’ changes. 

With some destinations prioritized, I can see what is feasible in the year ahead. I’ve put together some resources to help you both scour your bucket list to make travel plans and come up with new destinations to visit as well.

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Planning A Group Trip

I am a staunch solo travel advocate, you already know that about me. If I’m not solo, I’ve probably met up with a friend abroad to spend a few days, or am taking a trip with my boyfriend. But every once in a while, I do the unthinkable. Go on a group trip. Even if it’s just four or five people, planning is a challenge when your friends are busy badasses like mine are. But it can be done. Follow these steps to make it as painless as possible and ensure that the trip goes off without a hitch.

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Staycation: What To Do?

We all have our favorite haunts in the city we live in. That one restaurant you go to when you’re in the mood for Mexican, the bar down the street that has good happy hour deals. But are you really taking advantage of everything your city has to offer? Break out of the routine to find new favorites. That’s where a staycation really shines. 

A staycation is a vacation you take in your own city. A chance to wander your city as a tourist and potentially find new things to love about where you live. Check out a new restaurant that’s opened up, read what travel blogs suggest, wander through a new park. 

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Volunteer Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

The new year is approaching, and you might be thinking about your goals and resolutions. Is giving back to the community one of them? The idea of volunteering as a means of travel appeals to many. I recently mentioned it as a way to find free accommodation, but there is a lot to consider when you choose to do volunteer travel.

What cause do you want to give your time to? What part of the world needs or calls to you most? And that doesn’t even get into the nitty gritty of the process, including ethical volunteering, visas, etc. I’ve gathered some information and resources that can get your started on your volunteer travel journey.

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Free Accommodation? It’s Real! And Pretty Easy to Find

The only free accommodation I thought was possible was staying at my parent’s house. How can you possibly find a free place to stay that doesn’t include sleeping on your friend’s futon when you visit? It turns out there are a lot of options out there (including staying on couches), you just have to look! I’ve compiled a list of sites under various categories that provide free accommodation.

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Building a Travel Budget Like a Boss

So you’ve chosen your holiday destination and know when you want to go, now it’s time to determine cost and start saving! If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an Excel spreadsheet that details every expense down to the cost of postage for all those postcards you bought. Or, maybe you’re more laid back about what you’ll spend where. Either way, don’t ignore making a travel budget! The last thing you want is to face post-vacation blues and an unexpected credit card bill. Or to constantly obsess over the cost of each thing you do on your vacation.

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Travel with Pets

How do you go on amazing vacations without feeling guilty for kenneling your beloved fur babies? Take them with you, of course! It may require a little more paperwork, but travel with pets is doable and not as dangerous as some news stories would have you believe.

I have two cats myself, and if I’m being honest, they are my biggest (aka only) barrier to full-time travel. I know they will never be my travel companions since my tuxedo cat Oliver meows incessantly on long drives. However, I am *hoping* to move my home base to the UK in the next few years, and I don’t plan to abandon them here.

This has opened my eyes to what is available. Cruises, planes, there are entire services available to comfortably relocate pets. While my move with them will be a one-time travel experience, my research has shown pets can adapt and even enjoy travel if made to feel comfortable. 

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