Medication Abroad: What You Need To Know

Do you try think of every possible situation when you’re packing your bags? “Might have a headache”, in goes the Advil. “What if I eat something bad?”, throw in the Pepto Bismol. “Definitely could see myself getting blisters”, add a whole pack of Band-aids. Ok, so that last is one I still do, but that’s because I know I’m getting blisters, there is no ‘if’ about it! But do you really need to pack your entire medicine cabinet each time you leave the country?

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11 Books To Read On Your Next Trip

I’m a big reader. I resisted the Kindle for a few years, but it is now my constant companion. Even if I’m just going to grab coffee with a friend, it comes along in case I am early or they are late (or, usually, both). And when I am traveling, it always has at least three books loaded. I’ve put together a list of books that you might like to take on your next adventure. They are all travel related, and will hopefully inspire you ‘on the road’ (which did not make this list). 

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What to Consider When Choosing a Destination

So, you’re ready to plan your next trip. But where to go? Sometimes the answer is easy, because it’s been at the top of your list for ages. But it can also be overwhelming if you want to go, well, everywhere! There are a few key things I consider when I’m choosing my next destination:

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Companach

Well, we’ve made it to this point. I am making a blog. I’ve always shied away from it. My friends have asked over the years if I would write about my travels and I’ve always felt that was too personal to commit to the internet. I’ve resisted writing about my travels anywhere except in my journal, which is for my eyes only (unless I get a movie/book deal for it, then it’s all yours).

Until now. Because, I don’t plan to write about my travels.

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