How to Travel Using Points

Fun fact: I traveled for work for over 4 years after college. For much of that time I practically lived in Charlotte, NC even though I was paying rent in another state. What does this have to do with travel planning? Well, I earned a lot of points in that time. Two flights, 4 nights in a hotel, and a 5-day car rental every week adds up. Not to mention all the comped meals that added to my points balance. Those points have paid for a lot of my vacations, and I have continued to earn even though I no longer travel for work. 

There is an entire subculture that exists to learn about travel hacking. I’m not that serious about it, I just enjoy the easy accrual of points and have figured out some simple ways to keep it going. If you’re interested in having your next flight covered, or being able to stay in downtown Amsterdam for free, read on.

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Itinerary Planning

Plane tickets are booked! Now, what are you going to do when you get there? You are starting with a blank itinerary, which is both exciting and daunting. Make it easier to figure out what to do next by going through my top tips for itinerary planning. I tend to open up a document on my computer to list everything out by day, but you can plan it out using the medium of your choice.

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6 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

While it’s not always an accurate depiction of reality, Instagram can be an endless source of travel inspiration. I saved a post a while back about renting houseboats in the Netherlands, and actually went on that trip this year!

It can be difficult to tell which accounts are genuine, and which are just trying to sell you something. I’ve put a list of my absolute favorites together for you to check out. Trust me, each one is gold.

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Morocco: Country Spotlight

Welcome to the first monthly country spotlight! Part of modern-day travel planning is reading blog posts about your destination. I’ve done the dirty work for you, looking through twenty pages of Google results and reading a lot about Morocco. Let’s get an itinerary put together, figure out what to pack, and hear about some of the less-than-glamorous experiences these ladies had.

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Medication Abroad: What You Need To Know

Do you try think of every possible situation when you’re packing your bags? “Might have a headache”, in goes the Advil. “What if I eat something bad?”, throw in the Pepto Bismol. “Definitely could see myself getting blisters”, add a whole pack of Band-aids. Ok, so that last is one I still do, but that’s because I know I’m getting blisters, there is no ‘if’ about it! But do you really need to pack your entire medicine cabinet each time you leave the country?

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11 Books To Read On Your Next Trip

I’m a big reader. I resisted the Kindle for a few years, but it is now my constant companion. Even if I’m just going to grab coffee with a friend, it comes along in case I am early or they are late (or, usually, both). And when I am traveling, it always has at least three books loaded. I’ve put together a list of books that you might like to take on your next adventure. They are all travel related, and will hopefully inspire you ‘on the road’ (which did not make this list). 

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What to Pack in your Carry-On

There is a science to packing, as I’m sure you are aware. But there is an art to packing carry-on bags in a way that allows ease of access to your belongings whilst maximizing how much you can bring. Let’s talk about what you should bring on the plane with you.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Destination

So, you’re ready to plan your next trip. But where to go? Sometimes the answer is easy, because it’s been at the top of your list for ages. But it can also be overwhelming if you want to go, well, everywhere! There are a few key things I consider when I’m choosing my next destination:

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A Crazy Little Thing Called Companach

Well, we’ve made it to this point. I am making a blog. I’ve always shied away from it. My friends have asked over the years if I would write about my travels and I’ve always felt that was too personal to commit to the internet. I’ve resisted writing about my travels anywhere except in my journal, which is for my eyes only (unless I get a movie/book deal for it, then it’s all yours).

Until now. Because, I don’t plan to write about my travels.

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