Have you ever wanted a travel companion that was equal parts Frommer’s, personal travel guide, and best girlfriend who is always up for adventure?

Someone that has the best corner bistro on speed dial to grab tapas and drinks after a long day of exploring, and can fill you in on a city’s best-kept secrets?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler with a passport full of stamps, or a globetrotting newbie barely breaking in her carry-on, the must-have resource to make your trip as stress-free (and fun) as possible is finally at your fingertips.

Meet Companach. Scots Gaelic for “companion” (pronounce it how you like, but we say Com-puh-knock), it’s your new best travel buddy that provides a wealth of must-have insider information to help make your next trip abroad the best one yet.

Companach is the reliable, accurate, and insider-savvy travel companion that helps ease the anxiety of solo exploring for today’s modern female travelers, and gives them the ability to navigate their journey with confidence.

Both a newsletter and networking platform that helps prepare you for your trip, Companach answers the most common travel questions (no more risky misinformation about tricky topics like border customs...yikes), and connects you to a built-in bestie ready to show you the ropes in a new city. Lifesaver, right?

No more solely relying on social media or random travel Facebook groups to *hopefully* get the accurate info you depend on while navigating your journey, and no more lonesome traveler syndrome when you need a gal pal to grab dinner and muse over your incredible new surroundings.

With Companach, there’s less stress, less worry, and more time enjoying what traveling abroad is actually meant to be: an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


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