Hey, traveling babe!

Ever feel that pulse of excitement when your trip is booked, Airbnb reserved, and you skip to your computer to start the search for other wanderlust-lovers who might be in town the same time as you?

You crank out the best Facebook post with an open invitation to join you for drinks or a concert (hello, best time ever!)...and are met with crickets. What gives!

It’s not you, girl! Facebook’s algorithms can bury posts making them hard to be seen by fellow globe trotting group members.

Thankfully, we’ve created an easier and much more reliable way to find friends while abroad. Meet Amico!

Amico is a free online space exclusively for women that allows you to post the city and dates of your next trip so that you can link up with other travelers who will be there at the same time. How awesome is that?!

Amico is the perfect tool for solo travelers who love their independence but are also down to meet up with a new friend for a fun adventure (drinks, dinner, hikes, or a concert!).

Users will be able to add their trip’s city/dates to a map and choose the type of activities they want to do. Amico will show other users that will be in the same place on those dates, allowing you to get in touch to make plans.

And no worries, girl. All users are vetted by Facebook profile to ensure we keep the community safe (women only).

Join Amico now to make the most of your next solo trip, and to make new friends along the way!